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Thursday, July 14, 2005

TIPS FOR RUNNERS from Julie Wong

I took part in the 11KM event at the Seremban Half Marathon on 10/07/05 with a handful of KLAVA members. The event was well organised except for the lack of professional and sufficient medical aids along the route.
At the 9th km, I saw a young man (in the Special category) lying subconciously by the road with 3 other runners by his side who were helpless except fanning him with a towel and trying to give him some water. The poor young man was sweating pale and his eyes are almost turning all white.
I can't help but to stop over. Obviously he is running out of breath and suffer some form of heat exhaustion (heat stroke). There was no medical attendance at the vicinity. This young man's life is obviously in much danger if not attended to immediate!
Having been trained as a Girl Guide, I immediately get the other to apply the necessary aids while trying frantically to get an ambulance. Unfortunately, when we managed to get one after almost 10 minutes later, they seems to be very ignorant. I stayed behind and insisted that they sent him to the nearest hospital before any fatal incident took place.
When I was back at the Seremban Municipal building, another runners was in an ambulance in almost similar symptom but not critical. 3 young SJA surronded him in the ambulance with one of them fanning him with a piece of newspaper. Again I went over asking them to do the necessary.
This makes me realise that if each and everyone of us be equipped with some basic First Aids knowledge, perhaps we could help to safeguard the life of those who are in need. Let us be a knowledgeable and responsible runners. Take charge of your life and help others who are in need.

Here are some very simple and useful tips which I would like to share with you.

Here are some simple First Aid tips for common running injuries for runners.
Runners should be responsible for their own safety while on the track/field. Perhaps you may also help other fellow runners who injured themselves. Life is precious and must NOT be compromise at any cost.


Needs no be treated if unbroken. However, if it breaks or likely to be damaged, cover the injured area with a dry, non-adhesive dressing that extend beyond the edges of the blister. Leave until it subsided – this prevents infection. Never break a blisters or cover with cream or lotions.

Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle will be painful and may be swollen. If unsure whether the ankle is a sprain or fracture, treat as fracture. Follow this procedure –

Rest the injured part.
Apply ice or cold compress. This helps to reduce swelling and pain.
Compress the injury. Placing the cold compress firmly over the injury and surrounding area or use a thick layer or soft padding secured with a bandage.
Elevate the injured part. Raise and support the leg to reduce blood flow to the ankle and to minimize bruising.

Heat Exhaustion

This can happen when the body cannot lose heat through radiation or evaporation. This condition usually develops gradually and is caused by loss of salt and water from body through excessive sweating.

Symptoms : headache, dizziness, confusion, loss of appetite, nausea, sweating with pale, clammy skin, cramps in arms, leg or the abdominal wall, rapid weakening pulse and breathing.


· Help the casualty to a cool place.
· Lay him/her down and raise the legs.
· Give him/her plenty of water. If possible, follow with weak salt water (one teaspoon of salt per litre of water).
· Ensure he/she sees a doctor even after recovery. If his/her condition deteriorates, place in recovery position and sent to hospital immediately.
· Monitor and always be ready to perform CPR if needed.


Caused by over-exposure to the sun – in severe cases, he/she may suffer heatstroke


Cover skin with light clothing or towel.
Move him/her out of the sun.
Cool the skin by sponging with cold water or by soaking the affected area in cold bath for 10 minutes.
Gives him/her sips of cold water.
For mild burns, calamine or an after sun lotion may soothe them. For extensive blistering/skin damages, seek medical advice.

Injuries to knee joint


Help him/her to lie down.
Place soft padding or blanket under the injured knee to support it in the most comfortable position.
Wrap soft padding around the joint, and bandage it carefully in place.
Send him/her to nearby hospital on a stretcher.
DO NOT attempt to straighten the knee forcibly. DO NOT allow him/her to walk. DO NOT give him/her any food or water; an anesthetic may be necessary.


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