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Thursday, March 25, 2010

KL Tower Towerthon Challenge 2010

My 1st podium in an international event
picture courtesy from Bro. Tey, more quality pictures pls visit his photos album at http://pmtey3.multiply.com/

My past, present and future Towerthon result

2006 - 19.55 - Faster running pace but no staircase training at all.

2009 - 18.23(13th) - Trained for 2 times only before the race (17 storey x 3times and 17 storey x 4 times)

2010 - 17.06(2nd) - Trained for 4 weeks. 1st week - 2 times. 2nd week - 4 time, 3nd week - 5 times, race week - 4 times.

2011 - 16.10 (Target time) To train for 8 weeks before the race.

As usual, most of the top runners and thailands' runners were here for the race. I run with much confidence as i was well prepared for this race. Despite heavy jam in the middle of the staircase climb, i still managed to finish at the time of 17.06 and won the 1st runner up in men senior vet cat. I am very happy will my performance and will going to remember it for a long time....cheers !
I didn't spent extra time to train for this race but to convert the usual running time to staircase climbing and it work! Next year i will going spend more time in staircase training and improve my time further.

My next race :-
10th April 2010 - Cabaran Gunung Datuk Rembau.
18th April 2010 - CAR Family Run 2010.
25th April 2010 - Jogathon Warisan 2010 (Larian Kubur)
2nd May 2010 - Larian Bersama dengan Bomba


  • At 7:29 am, Blogger YMO said…

    Hi Vincent, I've been following your blog for a little while and really enjoy your race photos. I'm from KL but now live in London and it's great to see pics of home. I'm also a newbie runner so it's inspiring to see all the running Malaysians, too! Congrats on your win!

    Yang-May Ooi


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