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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The important of Enzymes

In my life, I have met three people who have cured themselves from cancer by eating everything raw. One of them had been given only six months to live, but thirty years later he was still around and had not been sick again since changing his food habits. At the time I met those people, I did not know that much about food, but now I know that their cure is largely related to the presence of enzymes in raw food. It is the lack of enzymes in processed and cooked foods that burdens our bodies and causes a variety of health problems. This article is an introduction to this very important health issue.

Enzymes are the key to life. No enzymes, no life. We destroy all the digestive enzymes in our food by cooking and baking, and thus the body has to draw the necessary enzymes to digest this dead food from the body organs which in turn become unbalanced. Heating food to 48°C for more than 15 minutes destroyed all the enzymes. Obviously then, heating foods at higher temperatures for shorter periods also destroys enzymes. All processed foods are also void of enzymes. Research has shown that this might be a cause of a lot of degenerative diseases. Fortunately eating raw fruit and vegetables can help to restore our health.

Health Issues
Enzymes are extremely important to our health. When enzymes are short in supply, or become inactive, the body will suffer. As the body is built from the food we eat, paying attention to what we eat is one of the most important things we can do. Unfortunately we do not eat what our instinct and common sense tells us to do. We do not eat the right quantities of the right foods at the right times and in the proper manner. The results can include digestive disturbances, deposition of fat, and becoming overweight. These findings can be associated with further health problems including disorders of the circulation which lead to more severe cardiovascular disease and disorders of the heart. The reducing diets often recommend generally provide only temporary weight loss and many of them may be even more detrimental to health in the long run.

We should all eat properly and follow a balanced diet containing a substantial amount of fresh foods in each meal. We should also avoid highly processed foods and high levels of preservatives, additives or chemicals. We can also take natural digestive enzymes in order to support the digestion of processed or cooked foods. Every food that has been cooked, boiled, heated, grilled, baked has lost its enzymes and is a burden to our organs which have to supply the digestive enzymes. As almost nobody in our modern age is willing to eat everything raw, you can take digestive enzymes with your cooked, etc., food. (An informative site about raw food is Living and Raw Foods) It is also good to stay away from processed foods as they often contain enzyme inhibitors (to prolong shelf life), chemicals, and sugar (white sugar is destructive to our bodies, and contributes big time to obesity).


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