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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Despite of training less recently, about 40-50km per week, but I still maintain at least two speed work per week.

Category – 40-49 years
1st position- RM200.00
2nd position – RM150.00
3rd position-Rm100.00
Medals for 1st to 20th position.

The race start and finish at Stadium Tun Fatimah, Melaka at 8.00am sharp. As usual, the race started off promptly, everyone has to run about 300meters round the track before going out the main road. The race started very smoothly, at the 1 km mark, 5 runners were in front of me, I was in 3rd position in my category. I was overtook by Saidin, (last year Iron Hill champ and the eventually champion) and fall into 4th position at the 3km mark, he kept chasing the two front guys. He eventually overtook them at the 4th km mark, at the same time I managed to overtake the earlier lead runner who has started way too quick. I maintain 3rd position with the gap of 100 meter behind the Indian. The gap getting closer and closer until about 70meters at the 7 km mark. My plan was to get as close as him and overtake him before the last two km.
I could hardly see any marshal at this state. When I came to a junction, I could see a very small sign indicate to turn left. After the turn, the Indian which was supposed to be in front of me was suddenly out of my sight for more than 100meters, he must be speed out from that point. After 400meters from the turn, I felt something wrong, as no one was insight in front nor behind me for about 200 meters. Damn!! Not again, I felt like I have turn to the wrong route again. Died lah, I was stout, should I turn back or continue, where is all the marshal. All my effort gone already. I have no choice but to turn back, after about 50 meters of slow jog I saw someone chasing from behind, so I turn back and continue my run again. I was still not very confidence, maybe the fellow at the back also run the wrong route After 200meters, I saw a grass cutter, I stop and ask, “Encik, Tadi ada orang lalu sini kah?” He has to stop his class cutter machine before he could reply my question. “ Ada,empat orang lalu tadi.”. I quickly thank him and continue and run, after a few steps, I turn back again and ask “ Bila mereka lalu sini” as I scared that I could be wrongly turn to the earlier route and these runners could be the last 4 runners instant of the first 4 runners (Anyway I knew that there were 5 runners in front of me not 4). He replied again,”Baru tadi saja”. Immediately, I picked up my pace and continue my run again. I was released to see two marshals direct me to turn right at the junction two km before the finish line. By then, no way I could chase the 2nd runner as he was more the 300 meters out of my sight. What I could do is to maintain my pace and position all the way to the finishing line.

I finish at the time of about 45mintues for the 11km. At the end of the race, I told every of my friends that I was in 3rd position, and my encounter and how I lost to the second runner.

The official result finally came out and I was in 2nd position, how come? Ya-lah, now I only realize the the Indian runner is the one who ran into the wrong road. No wonder he suddenly disappear from my sight after that turn.

Immediately, I received my award of Rm150.00 but without medal, as the medal was short, so the organizer given medal priority to the foreigners. All Malaysia will get their medal by post within 30 days which was repeatedly promised by the President of Malaysian Masters Athletics Association(MMAA) Dato Haji Abdullah Haji Mohd Dom during his speech in the price giving ceremony.
Anyway, I was very happy with my performance and enjoy very much with the race.
(Update: We have not received our medal until now 23th July 2005. Dato Haji Abdullah, where is our medal?).


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