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Friday, August 26, 2005

Laughter, The best Medicine

A young couple hit a golf ball throught the window of a nearby house. Rushing up, they see a handsome man in a turban.
"We'll pay for the damage."
"Not at all." replies the man."I'am a genie, and I was trapped for 1000 years until your ball broke the bottle that was my prison. Allow me to grant whatever you wish."
"Could you make us millionaires?" ask the wife.
"I've set up a standing order to put $100,000 into your account every month for life," he says.
"How can we ever thank you?"
"Well..."replies the genie, "I've forgotten what it's like to hold a woman. Could I just give your wife a single, perfect kiss?" The couple decide they can live with this.
After the passionate embrance, the genie asks the woman her age.
"Twenty-nine," she answers.
"I see," he says. "And you still believe in genies?"


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