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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saga Hill entrance to Ah Pak San entrance at Taman Cheras Awana 10th August 2008

Due to the close of the entrance to Ah Pak San at Taman Wangsa Cheras. I diverted my route from Saga Hill entrance to Taman Cheras Awana entrance instead of Taman Wangsa Cheras. I started at 3.30pm, my split time for the run is as follow:-
Saga Entrance to Saga Hill peak - 17.11(17.11)
Saga hill peak to Station 6 of Ah Pak San -12.11(29.23)
Station 6 to Ah Pak San entrance at Taman Cheras Awana -24.00(53.24)

The Return trip
Ah Pak San entrance-Taman Cheras Awana to Station 6 - 36.39(1.20.03)
Station 6 to Saga Hill Top - 14.18(1.34.22)
Saga hill top to Saga summit and descent to Saga entrance-20.45(1.55.08)
Total time taken for whole journey - 1 hour 55 minutes and 8 seconds.

I did the same run yesterday with the time of about 2 hours started from 3.30pm and ended at about 5.30pm

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