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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taman Nirwana-Saga Hill-Ah pek San-29th June 2008

My plan was to ride from my house at Taman Nirwan Ampang to Saga Hill entrance(about 7km). Then climb up the peak of Saga hill follow by a run to station 6 of Ah Pek San (normal walking pace is about 28 mnutes). Descent to Ah Pek San entrance at Wangsa Cheras and have a glass of 100 plus.The return trip is to follow the station 1 to 6 and run back to Saga hill and descent back to Saga Entrance and finally ride back home.

I came out from my house at about 2.40pm. It took me about 25 minutes for to reach the Saga Hill entrance by bicycle. The summary time taken for the entire journey is as follows:-

Saga Entrance to Saga Hill peak - 18.16(18.16)

Saga hill summit to Station 6 of Ah Pek San -12.46(31.03)

Station 6 to Stall (Ah Pek San entrance)-21.29(52.33)

Rest for drink-3.10(55.44)

The Return trip

Ah Pek San entrance to Station 6-30.44(1.26.29)

Station 6 to Saga Sumit-15.57(1.42.27)

Saga hill summit descent to Saga entrance-16.16(1.58.43)

Saga entrance cycled back home- 20 minutes


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