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Sunday, June 01, 2008

My weekly activities

1st June 2008(Sun)
Jungle Trekking at Bukit Wangsa Cheras
Only able to reach station 3.
About 1 hour to reach station 3 and the descent took about 25 minutes.
Why so slow? and why the distance so short?? Because I went with a group of 7(my wife, my son, my daugther, my sister, my nephew and my niece.)

31st May 2008(Sat)
Jungle Trekking at Bukit Wangsa Cheras Alone
walk/run from the stall to water fall 2 times.
First round
-station 5/T-junction - 28minutes
-Water Fall - 12minutes 33 seconds - (40minutes 33 seconds)
-Return to station 5 - 15 minutes 35 seconds
-descent back to stall - 21 minutes 29 seconds.- (37minutes 4 seconds)
-Total time for ist round-(1 hour 17 minutes 37 seconds)

Rest for 5 minutes 49 seconds

Second round
-station 5/T-junction - 31minutes 49seconds
-Water Fall - 13minutes 49 seconds - (45minutes 39 seconds)
-Rest 1 minutes 7 seconds
-Return to station 5 - 17 minutes 38 seconds
-descent back to stall - 25 minutes 08 seconds.- (43minutes 53 seconds)
-Total time for ist round-(1 hour 29 minutes 32 seconds
Total time for all inclusive rest - 2 hours 53 minutes.

30th May (Fri)

29th May (Thur)
6.5km easy run

28th May (Wed)
400mx10times @ average of 1.34
Total run 6.5km

27th May (Tues)
8km easy run

26th May (Mon)
6km easy run


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