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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008 - Top 10 Result

A Men Open
Bib: A1430 Time: 00:34:03 Name: SAMUL JOHN MOSES
Bib: A1103 Time: 00:35:52 Name: ARUL THEVER S/O MUNIANDY
Bib: A0134 Time: 00:36:17 Name: AHMAD LAMCHANNAK
Bib: A0013 Time: 00:38:21 Name: FONG @ PHONG TONG LIM
Bib: A0815 Time: 00:38:35 Name: SHAHROM ABDULLAH
Bib: A0215 Time: 00:38:49 Name: Mohd Rizal Bin Abd Malik
Bib: A1104 Time: 00:39:03 Name: PRABAKHARAN A/L MADHAVAN
Bib: A0072 Time: 00:39:17 Name: ASUN ARMAS ENTABAN
Bib: A1288 Time: 00:39:25 Name: LIM KHON SENG, CASEY
Bib: A0812 Time: 00:39:47 Name: AARON STEEL

B Men Veteran
Bib: B2304 Time: 00:33:55 Name: LAUTREDOUX JEAN-PIERRE
Bib: B2163 Time: 00:39:44 Name: ONG CHIN
Bib: B2177 Time: 00:39:57 Name: WONG SAI KEONG
Bib: B2568 Time: 00:41:13 Name: KHOR NGEE LEONG
Bib: B2093 Time: 00:42:39 Name: C KRISHNANSAMY
Bib: B2521 Time: 00:42:43 Name: SIMON CROSS
Bib: B2011 Time: 00:43:08 Name: VINCENT FOONG WAI POOI
Bib: B2066 Time: 00:43:25 Name: DANIEL TAN SOO LIANG
Bib: B2262 Time: 00:43:54 Name: LOONG WENG ONN
Bib: B2664 Time: 00:46:19 Name: TAN MENG LEE (Vincent Wong)

C Men Senior Veteran
Bib: C3287 Time: 00:38:55 Name: M RAMAKRISHNAN
Bib: C3175 Time: 00:39:27 Name: TONY SEAKINS
Bib: C3032 Time: 00:42:55 Name: R NANCHAPPAN
Bib: C3044 Time: 00:44:47 Name: TAN WAH SING
Bib: C3271 Time: 00:45:35 Name: MOHD SOWOTO BIN INDI
Bib: C3276 Time: 00:45:50 Name: YEO KING KANG
Bib: C3360 Time: 00:46:31 Name: LEONG YEW CHON
Bib: C3275 Time: 00:46:51 Name: TANG CHEE CHOON
Bib: C3470 Time: 00:47:14 Name: KAWANAKA MAKOTO
Bib: C3304 Time: 00:47:24 Name: WONG YEW THO

D Women Open
Bib: D4561 Time: 00:44:04 Name: ELAINE LIM
Bib: D4076 Time: 00:45:11 Name: AMUTHA ARUMUGAM
Bib: D4307 Time: 00:47:53 Name: LESLEY TAN LI LIAN
Bib: D4064 Time: 00:48:35 Name: CHEAH MEEI MEEI
Bib: D4632 Time: 00:49:23 Name: EMMA BISHOP
Bib: D4080 Time: 00:51:06 Name: JESSICA TANG MEI LEE
Bib: D4313 Time: 00:51:51 Name: LYNN GUAN YOKE LING
Bib: D4031 Time: 00:51:58 Name: LAU PUI SAN
Bib: D4077 Time: 00:52:05 Name: MICHELLE LOOI MEI YAN
Bib: D4081 Time: 00:53:22 Name: LIM CHOOI YIM

E Women Veteran
Bib: E5072 Time: 00:42:37 Name: HAYLEY HOLLE
Bib: E5008 Time: 00:46:36 Name: EMER BREEN
Bib: E5022 Time: 00:47:00 Name: CHOW CHOOI YEEN
Bib: E5108 Time: 00:49:42 Name: ENG SEOK LING
Bib: E5301 Time: 00:49:55 Name: TAN SHIH MING
Bib: E5301 Time: 00:50:07 Name: TAN SHIH MING
Bib: E5142 Time: 00:50:56 Name: CHOONG SWEE YING
Bib: E5073 Time: 00:52:11 Name: ONG SIOK BEE
Bib: E5087 Time: 00:52:39 Name: OON LI SAR
Bib: E5034 Time: 00:53:03 Name: LOW WAH LENG

F Women Senior Veteran
Bib: F6060 Time: 00:45:43 Name: LIAN BEE HOON
Bib: F6093 Time: 00:47:24 Name: SUSAN KHOO
Bib: F6051 Time: 00:49:20 Name: TAN CHIN FONG
Bib: F6058 Time: 00:50:53 Name: AGNES TEE YOKE LOI
Bib: F6018 Time: 00:53:20 Name: LIM LEE PING
Bib: F6062 Time: 00:54:22 Name: SOFIA AZLAN
Bib: F6084 Time: 00:55:26 Name: SOH LAY TENG
Bib: F6015 Time: 00:56:18 Name: CHERYL LIM YOKE FOONG
Bib: F6080 Time: 00:56:55 Name: TAN KUN TAI
Bib: F6108 Time: 00:57:07 Name: HILARY SMILES

I was suprised to see that my timing was shown in the top ten result above. My running bib is B2664 under the name TAN MENG LEE


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