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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Attacked by Virus

I was feeling very tired and sleepy after my lunch on 29th Oct(Wednesday). I used to take a short run on my way back to home after work, but was too tired to run today. I lost my appetite during dinner and have fever and headache. My body felt weak and went to sleep at 9.30pm instead of the usual 12.00pm. What is wrong with me ? I don't know, hoping it will recover the next morning.
The same think happen on the next day, swelling and pain in my parotid glands. Later i discovered that it was mumps. My glands became increasingly swollen and painful, The pain got worse when i swallowed, talked and chewed. Despite of that, i still managed to complete a 5 km easy run.(The toughest run of the year).

The third day 31st Nov 2008 (Friday), no more fever and headache.........


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