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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KLAVA Open Back To Nature Relay - 2009

Before the start
Baton ex-change

The actual route distance for the Klava relay base on the map should be 3.7km.

Our team score 3rd position for the Men Junior Veteran Category.

Klava Juniors (3rd)
14.37-14.37 Vincent Wong
13.18-27.55 Ridzwan Suleiman
15.40-43.35 Yeong Heon Peng

After checking through the timing on the properties of the photos. I found that the timing for all the 1st runners was faster by 31 seconds, except my timing, as i submitted my accurate timing to the official. This could be the mistake by the time keeper delayed pressing the start button or accidentally press the pause button for 31 seconds. Therefore, all the timing for 1st runners should be added 31 seconds on their individual timing. Base on my record the actual timing for my team should be as follows:-

14.37-14.37 Vincent Wong
13.49-28.26 Ridzwan Suleiman
15.40-44.06 Yeong Heon Peng
My average pace for 3.7km at 14.37 = 3.57 per km


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