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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gary Leon Robert Bids Farewell To This World

We finally found Gary Leon Robert, good news ?? NO !! because that turned out to be the hardest news to accept that this best friend of mine for years had passed away. His body was found in-the-place-that-you-will-never-imagined, THE DUMPSTER !! Yes,you readers must swearing out loud, WTF, OMG, and What happenned ?? Yes, I was at the stadium's seating area and few metres away from the scene was thinking the same as you. But thats the weirdest place someone's body could ever be found there. Isn't it ? Buried deep down inside the area and covered with pile of stenchy rubbish, who can stand it for almost 24hours ?

Reached there around 1315 hours. I was kinda relieved at first to hear the news that Gary was found but still trapped in somewhere with his status still unknown. Thanks to the police's efficient sniffing dog, he was found. At the same time,its really sad to see and hear that some of his friends and relatives was crying out loud and some were praying for his safety. That had shaked my senses that something was not right.

Waited for about 30mins and some of my friends decided to head to the scene to confirm Gary's status. We crossed our fingers and hoping for the good to happen. At least, praying that he was still unconcious after being suffocated in the stench. Then came a call , the friend of mine who went down there confirmed that the person found was Gary Leon Robert but he was motionless and doesnt show any reactions. The dumpster area was barricaded with CSI tapes and steel bars. Bad aura started to emit and enshroud the clueless friends and relatives who were still awaiting confirmation on Gary's status

My legs totally gone soft and hoping that Gary is still unconcious or fell asleep. But then, after Gary's dad, Uncle Noel gone to identify the person's identity, it was indeed Gary and ya, he was already no more as in no breathing. Saw Uncle Noel came out while his relatives and church members holding his arm and they abruptly rushed to somewhere. I guess that they were heading to the nearest police station to lodge an official report claiming it was indeed Gary Leon Robert found dead on the scene.

Life is rather cruel at times right ?? He was last seen at the medic camp on one end of the field and later was found dead in the secluded dumpster area directly at the opposite of the other side while his body was filled with bruises here and there ?? Who would had imagined this ending of life ?? Its totally unbearable for him and us, the friends and family members. I bet there must be something fishy happened in this mysterious case.

Bro, I still remember clearly that You and Me must one day visit Old Trafford together. Its our Theatre of Dreams !! But then you are with your creator now

A few weird stuffs I heard and experienced today.
  1. Organizers claimed that this was the first time this kinda incident had happened after like 7-8 years of organizing.

  2. These organizers wished that they doesn't want this matter to go into media's attention. (You know who you are !!) And definitely this case gonna blow out of propotions soon !!

  3. What the hell is the Forensic Department taking their own sweet time coming to the so-called crime scene ? Body was found approx 1pm and you people only showed up 2 hours later and collected the body close to 5pm. Its almost 4 hours in between !!

The author here wrote whatever he listened and experienced throughout the day in the Shah Alam Stadium. He does not intend to defame anyone or organization mention and no modification has been done to the actual facts that were happening. The author himself had to put up all the courage left now to write this devastating ending to his best friend, Gary Leon Robert. Im so gonna miss you and your wonderful personality, my dear friend.

Deepest condolence to his family and friends.

source from http://starbucks87dude.blogspot.com/2009/08/gary-leon-robert-bids-farewell-to-this.html


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