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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 - 21km

I have not done any long run since 2nd August 2009 (SHAH ALAM adidas King of the Road 2009). My longest run was done on 24th Jan 2010 and it was only 15km slow run. Second longest run was Malakoff 12km. I though of using taking part in Pacesetters 30km run as a training for this event but i was away to China Yiwu. Further more my training was interrupted by the visit to China as the mainland was too cold to run. Daily highest temperture was 1°c and most of the time was below 1°c, only managed to run one time at the trackmill for the whole 5 days. To run a competitive half marathon without any long run is not an easy task.
I dared not do any warmup run before run because mileage is not enough. I took the 1st km as warmup and ran conservatively for the rest of the distance. I was feeling fine for the first 13km. After the 14km mark I received message from my leg that if i run faster it will pull my muscle. Feeling the message, i try to slow down my pace abit. Runners from behind passing me one after another, Yasan, Shilahudin and even Daniel Tan. I just have to control my pace in order not to cramp my leg muscle. At last i am pleased to complete the whole 21km without any muscle cramp. The muscle cramp immediately after the run. I am very lucky to get 9th posititon with Rm300.00 cash for the Senior Vet cat. My position will be 26th if I am in Junior vet cat. I was smiling all the way home with cash reward. Here is the Summary of my split time for 21km

12km : 00'55'16 > 4.36pace
13km : 1h 00m 01s > 4.45
14km : 1h 05m 08s > 5.07
15km : 1h 10m 28s > 5.20
16km : 1h 15m 40s > 5.12
17km : 1h 20m 59s > 5.19
21km : 1h 41m 58s > 5.14


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