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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More pictures of Siemens run 2010

5 minutes before the start..

About 400 meters from the starting point.

Battle between 3rd and 4th position in Men senior vet. cat. Eventually lost to Krishnan by 31 seconds.

Casey, the man to watch, will race under junior veteran catagory next year.

Ong Chin won the race in Men Junior Vet cat.

Rama(left). came back strongly to win the men senior vet cat. after a long layoff.

1st runner-up. in Men junior vet cat. I heard he was not a fast runner previously but has been improved tremendously since trainning under Chan Chee Sing in Kampung Pandah for the past 2-3 years.

Goh Choon Ann 2nd runner-up in Men Junior vet. will race under Senior vet next year.

Finish 4th in men senior vet, with the time of 42.39 better than last year time of 44.12

Good challenge by this Thai runner who overtook me at the 3km mark, but i managed to overtook him back after the lake Garden's hill.

Michelle Tan won the women open
Please click below for more pictures :-


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