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Monday, October 25, 2004


I am here for two missions. First is to finish better than my previous year of 39 min 49 seconds and second is to finish at the podium position.

I line up in the front row to make sure no time was wasted. I push at my 10km pace immediately after the start. At the 1 km mark, more than 10 people were in front of me. In my category, Gnunasegaran closely followed by Yew Chee Chung appeared just ahead of me. Ran side by side with Yew at the 2 km mark, Yew started to surge at the 3km mark 1 tried to hang on to him but couldn't. I felt the pace is too fast for me, so I stick to my own pace and let him go ahead. I overtook Toh at the 5km mark, Yew was one time about 100 meter in front.

I told myself silently that, my target was to finish below the time of 39 minutes, therefore I ran patiently, just concentrated on my breathing, my cadence and not to allow anything to change my plan. At the 8 km mark, the gap between Yew and me was getting closer and closer. I increased the pace and overtook Yew after the last 1 km mark. I sprinted all the way to the finish line with the time of 38min 27seconds, 2nd position in my category. What a superb performance for me.


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