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Saturday, January 07, 2006


The run flag off at 7.30am with a delay of 30 minutes. My first lap was a bit fast. I was in 3rd position in my category(Men Veteran Half Marathon) after the first lap. I overtook an Indian runner on the second lap. Ronnie came closed at the end of 2nd lap. Pacing with Ronnie for the 3rd and 4th lap. I slow down a bit on the 5th and 6th lap as to avoid muscle pull. 500meter before the end of 7 lap at the lake side, I saw the 1st position runner just less than 200meter in front, about 40 seconds gap. I knew that in order to overtake him i need to complete the last lap below 10 minutes. Immediately, I increased my pace, I bypass the water station, the gap was getting closer and closer after the last half lap. I managed to overtake him 800 meter before the finishing line and held on to my lead all the way to the fininsing line.

My split time for the CIRCUIT RUN 2006

1) 02.3km > 10.07 > 0.10.07

2) 04.6km > 10.36 > 0.20.43

3) 06.9km > 10.37> 0.31.21

4) 09.2km > 10.35> 0.41.56

5) 11.5km > 10.45> 0.52.41

6) 13.8km > 10.50> 1.03.31

7) 16.1km > 10.31 > 1.14.03

8) 18.4km > 09.40 > 1.23.43


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