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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sirkit Cabaran Mendaki Gunung Negeri Sembilan 2010

In an effort to introduce eco tourism and promote tourism in Negeri Sembilan and recognize the beauty of nature, Negeri Sembilan Government will organize Sirkit Challenge Climbing Mount (Gunung Datuk, Gunung Tampin and Gunung Angsi) as follows;


Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan


Tarikh : 6 Mac 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Gunung Tampin


Tarikh : 10 April 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Gunung Datok


Tarikh : 8 Mei 2010

Tempat : Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul

Participation Fee ( Be paid on the day competition )

Open & Veterans Youth: RM10

Open Men & Women: RM15

Open International: RM20


Category Junior, Men, Women & Veterans

1. RM600 + Plaque

2. 500 + Plaque

3. RM400 + Plaque

4. RM50

5. RM50

6. RM50

7. RM50

8. RM50

9. RM50


Open Category Men, Women & International

1. RM700 + Plaque

2. RM600 + Plaque

3. 500 + Plaque

4. RM50

5. RM50

6. RM50

7. RM50

8. RM50

9. RM50


Conditions of Competition

● Competition is open to all citizens and non-citizens.

● Participation should use boring participation provided

● Participants must attend the final briefing before

● Participants must be healthy body

● Participation in accordance with the age limit set

● Participants must use the appropriate clothing (slippers, sandals etc.. Not allowed)

● Participants will be release in accordance with the participation

● Venues are as determined by the organizers

● All matters pertaining to transportation expenses, accommodation and food are not available throughout the competition

● Participants are prohibited environmental damage before, during and after competition

● Participants must compete according to the age limit stipulated age on the day of competition

● Participants youth category must obtain permission from parents / guardians

● Organizer reserves the right to refuse participation of participants who register late

● decision is final competition

● Any objection must be accompanied by results of RM100 with objection letter within 1 hour after the competition

● personal accident insurance coverage is dependent participants below.

Competition Law

● Participants must present themselves at the secretariat to confirm your registration before the competition begins

● Participants must attend the final briefing before the competition started

● Participants must wear numbers that will be passed to beep on competition

● Participants will be release in accordance with the participation of each category

● Participants must be made available according to route and arrive at every check point set

● Participants may not change the password provided by the organizers

● Participants are prohibited to sabotage the other players.

● The winner will be determined based on the earliest participants arrived at the finish line

● Organizer reserves the right from time to time change the competition law without written notice.

● Participants who violate rules will be canceled participation.

Points System

● Winner of each circuit will be given points for each position according to the competition

● Total points will be collected until all 3 circuit completed

● Total points accumulated the highest eligible prize overall in the final circuit

● Total points for each circuit are as follows;

First place 10 points

Second Place 8 points

Third Place 6 points

Fourth Place 4 points

Fifth Place 2 points

Sixth place 1 point

Seventh Place 1 point

Eighth Place 1 point

Ninth Place 1 point

Tenth place 1 point

Participation Form can be found in the Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board or contact the Youth Council at Negeri Sembilan;

06-765 9734

06-763 9473

Entry forms must be handed back a week before the date of the competition circuit to the Board of Tourism Queensland or send directly to the Youth Council Negeri Sembilan via fax.


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