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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


If you don't run very fast in practice, you won't be able to run very fast in races.
At the University of Copenhagen, Danish scientists studied experienced runners who had been running 60 miles a week at a fast pace. One group was told to cut their mileage in half to only 30 miles a week, but to run a series of around 50 to 100 yard dashes as fast as they could. The other group continued running 60 miles a week at a fast pace. Runners who ran fewer miles at a faster pace had a 7% improvement in their body's maximal ability to take in and use oxygen.
Runners who did not increase their speed in practice did not improve, even though they ran twice as many miles. Jogging slowly reduces your chance of injury, but it won't help you to run fast. You can race only as fast as you run in practice, but don't try to run fast every day. Intense exercise damages muscles. Try to run fast once or twice a week, never on consecutive days and don't run fast when your legs feel heavy or hurt.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Due to insufficient training, I didn't set any target for this race. I only hope i can maintance the 4.30-4.40 pace from the start to the end. I felt i was very fast after overtook Dor Khor at the 4km mark(He is still not yet recovered from last week Iron Man Langkawi race). Ronnie was chasing hard behind me.

My timing for 10km was 43.33. Ronnie came closed to me at the 10.5km mark. In order prevent him to potong me, i increase my pace a little to maintain the lead as long as i could. He came closed again several times but i managed to maintain my lead. 2km before the finishing line at the Pertama complex, I saw my running kaki Sa'adin(H2003-1.36.52 finisher) was struggled 50meter infront of me. At this point, i still have some reserved and I am prepared to speed all the way to the finishing line. I increased my pace further and overtook him before the Dataran Merdeka u-turn. Then i saw Daniel Tan (H2068-1.37.49 finisher) was just 30 meter infront. When i was about to overtake him after the u-turn, my right calf muscle suddenly pull. I forced to slow down to about 7 minutes pace. Runners from behind overtook me one after another inclusive of Sa'adin and Ronnie. I tried to increase my pace a little and it make the matter even worst. Both my right and left calf muscle were pull this time. I have no choice but to walk slowly all the way back to the finishing line.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Marathon - Men GO!
Marathon - Men Jr. Vet.GO!
Marathon - Men. Sr. Vet.GO!
Marathon - Women GO!
Marathon - Women Vet.GO!
Half Marathon - MenGO!
Half Marathon - WomenGO!
Half Marathon-Men Vet.GO!
Half Marathon Women Vet.GO!
7k Fun Run - Men GO!
7k Fun Run - Women GO!
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