KL Runner

Kuala Lumpur Runner, KULAI Runner.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Organizer : Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletes (KLAVA)

Date : 30 September 2007 (Sunday)

Venue : Taman Metropolitan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Time : 7.30am

This event is organized by the Sub-Committee Members (Road Races/Relay) of Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletes (KLAVA) to cater for both competitive as well as fun runners. While the elite runners may challenge for the top placing (Position medals awarded), the others may take it as a fun outing since medals will be awarded to all participants who completed the relay. So everyone come home a winner! This event is unique in several ways. Throughout the years, almost all the road running events held in Malaysia are for individual and as such are without the thrill of partnership and teamwork (ask those who took part in events like Penang Round the Houses or Round The Island, Kuala Selangor and Raub Relay).

Most of the road running events offers limited finishing medals, usually 20th to 100th placing only. These are beyond the reach of the average normal runners. Some events award finisher medals but charges quite expensive entry fees. Although they may provide quality tee-shirt (and some food) but some runners may not want those goodies/frills as they already have too many or are unable to stomach any food immediately after a run. Furthermore, usually beyond the 5th placing, the rest of them receive the same identical medal irrespective whether one is 6th or 1,000th placing! Therefore your best effort is not accorded due recognition! Ever wonder who are the ones who made an event successful? They are the regular; average and casual runners, not the prize winners that form the majority who can count on to support a so called true road running event.

This event is organized by fellow runners who understand what the majority of runners want!
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