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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Google Page Rank Update on 12th January 2008

Many sites have been hit with decreases including some of Google’s own properties (e.g Google Israel went from PR 8 to PR 7).

Many new sites have gained PR, but from what I’ve seen most sites have seen a decrease in Page Rank.

Although the Google PR update has started - we can expect to see more changes and some possible waves of adjustments over the next little while.

One of my site went up from 2 to 3, two sites went up from 1 to 2, one site remained as 3 and 4 sites remained as 2.

Recent Running Events 2008

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008
Event: KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008
Date : 3rd February 2008 (Sunday)
Start time : 8.00am
Venue : Menara Kuala Lumpur
Closing Date: 30th January 2008

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2008
Date: 30th March 2008 (Sunday)

2) Venue: Start / Finish - Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square)

3) Time:4.30 AM

4) Organisers:

City Hall of Kuala Lumpur (DBKL)
Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA)

5) Sanctioned By:

Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU)

6) Entry Forms:

Entry forms are available & registration can be done at :

a) All AmBank Branches from 1st February 2008.
AmBank KLIM Account No:- 211-201-200-544-7

b) F.T.A.A.A. Office, 2nd Floor,
Wisma OCM, Jalan Hang Jebat,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-27152843
For enquiries: sportftaaa@hotmail.com

FTAAA Cross Country Run
Event : FTAAA Cross Country Run
Date : 17th February 2008
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Tapak A, Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur
Entry Fee : RM15.00
Medal : 1st to 50th Position!
Entry form : Available at FTAAA

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two Indians held for selling Malaysian minister's sex DVD

Two ethnic Indians have been arrested in Malaysia in connection with the illegal DVDs featuring clippings of disgraced ex-minister Chua Soi Lek's sex romp.

The arrested Indians are believed to be sellers of pirated DVDs, the Sin Chew daily reported Saturday.

Scores of the illegal DVDs with Chua's sex romp are being peddled door-to-door at Ringgit 10 each, despite a ban by the police and a warning that possession of the DVDs is punishable.

However, Malaysians hankering to view Chua committing adultery are finding themselves duped as all they get to see is 13 minutes of his public confession and expression of regret.

Besides the two Indians, a 29-year-old woman running a beauty salon and a 50-year-old man have also been caught in the act of peddling the DVDs.

"We believe this is not the woman in the video," The Star daily quoted Hussain Ismail, Johor province's deputy commissioner of police, as saying after the arrest and a raid at a place that yielded some DVDs and a laptop.

Police have also raided the hotel where the DVD clippings were originally shot. The Malaysian Hotels Association has said none of its member hotels allow CCTVs in the rooms that could facilitate any illegal film shooting.

Chua, 60, resigned as health minister in the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi earlier his week after the DVDs, carrying graphic details of his sex romp with a woman he acknowledged as "a personal friend" were circulated over the year-end.

Chua's family has stood by him. His wife Wong Sek Hin said: "It is a difficult time for all of us but we have accepted his regrets and apology."

Chua Tuesday apologized to the Malaysian people and his party, the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), which is a constituent of the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional.

Another MCA lawmaker and minister, Ong Ka Tin, was Friday appointed acting health minister.

Malaysia Makes Sex Tape Scandal Arrests

Malaysian police have arrested a beauty parlor owner and a farmer suspected of distributing a sex video showing a former minister committing adultery, news reports said Saturday.

Police seized a laptop, a DVD and three VCDs showing former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek engaging in sex acts after detaining a 29-year-old woman at her beauty parlor in southern Johor state, the New Straits Times said.

"We are investigating how the woman obtained the recordings and who is behind it," state police chief Hussin Ismail was quoted as saying.

Police are still investigating who made the sex video and how hidden cameras were installed in Chua's suite in a luxury hotel in Johor, he said.

The Star newspaper said a 50-year-old farmer has also been detained in Johor in connection with distributing the video.

Hussin and Johor police officials couldn't be reached immediately for details.

The secretly filmed one-hour video, which was circulated anonymously last week, showed Chua, a married man with three children, having sex with a woman in a hotel room.

Chua, 61, resigned Wednesday after admitting he was the man in the video.

The incident poses a major embarrassment for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is already facing a string of administrative and political headaches in an election year.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

About Chua Soi Lek

Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek (Simplified Chinese: 蔡细历; born 2 May 1947) also known as Chua Kin Seng, is a former Malaysian politician from the state of Johor. He is married to Datin Seri Wong Sek Hin. They have three children.

He was trained in psychology and practiced psychiatry before entering politics through his involvement with the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). He held the post of Minister of Health from 2004 until 2008.

Chua set up his medical practice in 1977 after serving as a medical officer at the Batu Pahat Hospital. He sold the clinic in 1990 to pursue a full-time career in politics with MCA.

He was first elected as a state assemblyman for Penggaram, Johor on MCA's ticket in 1986. He continued to serve Penggaram for 18 years through four consecutive state elections. Later, he became a state executive councilor. In the 2004 general election, he contested for the Labis parliamentary seat under the Barisan Nasional coalition and claimed victory. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appointed Chua into the Malaysian cabinet as the Minister of Health following that victory.

He held several prominent posts throughout his later career. He was the Member of Parliament for Labis, a MCA vice-president, Johor MCA state liaison committee chairman as well as Batu Pahat MCA division chairman until he resigned from public as well as political offices on January 2, 2008 due to a scandal.[1]

Chua later remarked his downfall was due to his dedication to his work as Health Minister and MCA Vice-President, which caused his political rivals to grow suspicious of him.

Photo of Angelina Jolie

This is not the photo of Angelina Yam. She is Angelina Jolie.

Woman in Malasian sex video flees to China

THE woman who was secretly filmed having sex in a hotel room with former Malaysian Health Minister Chua Soi Lek has fled to China to take get away from the media glare, said Malaysian newspaper reports.

Johor police have identified the woman, who is said to be in her 30s and owns two clothing stores, one in a supermarket in Batu Pahat.

Dr Chua, 61, who quit on Wednesday, a day after he shocked the nation by admitting he was the man in a widely circulated sex video, said the woman is a 'personal friend.'

'Earlier reports in Malaysian newspapers have said the woman was a florist in her 20s.

Dr Chua is believed to have been at the opening of her shop several years ago.

Guang Ming daily described the woman as capable and happy-go-lucky, with a round face and short hair, giving her a China doll look.

Reporters who turned up at her shop found it was closed and neighbouring shopkeepers said it had been closed for several days.

A Chinese daily reporter even went to her house in Batu Pahat but found it locked and empty since the video sex scandal broke.

Dr Chua, a father of three, said he did not make the DVDs.

Newspapers said they were closed-circuit recordings made two years ago in a hotel room. One DVD lasted 56 minutes and the other 44 minutes.

Police are probing the case, trying to establish who made the recordings and how four cameras came to be in the room of a four-star hotel in Batu Pahat, in the southern state of Johor.

Still frames from the recording, shown on Malaysian national television on Wednesday, showed a man and woman from a camera above a bed.

Copies of the video, which was stored on two compact discs, were dropped off last week at shops and on some streets in Johor.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Association of Hotels executive director Sarjit Singh has said that no hotel is allowed to place CCTVs in its rooms.

'Any CCTV camera placed in a room will be intruding on the privacy of the hotel guest and is a violation of an individual's privacy,' he was quoted as saying by The Star on Friday.

'CCTVs are allowed only in public areas like the lobby and corridors.'

At a press conference on Thursday, Dr Chua said the sex video was recorded about eight months ago but he refused to answer questions about the woman or the affair. He said he would give a statement to police when he was ready.

Dr Chua Soi Lek said his downfall was caused by those who were suspicious of him and had used his indiscretion to their advantage.

'My biggest mistake was to think that upon reaching the federal level and being MCA vice-president that I should fulfil my duties by going to the ground and visiting all hospitals,' he said at an unscheduled press conference when he turned up at the Health Ministry to clear his personal belongings.

'In the course of moving around, I met a lot of MCA members and people got suspicious of me.'

'I thought that I should let people get to know me since I was a new face in federal-level politics. Because I moved around a lot, people thought I was too ambitious and that I had a political agenda.'

'And this was made worse by the press speculating that I intended to mount a challenge. The press helped to kill me. The pen is mightier than the sword.'

Defending his performance as a minister, Dr Chua said during his tenure, he had visited nearly all the 131 hospitals nationwide to learn about their problems.

He also visited over 50 healthcare centres.

'It's the political system - when we work too hard, people think we are ambitious or have an agenda.'

His advice to the new minister? 'Please go slow. Go too fast and you'll be the subject to political speculation," he added in his trademark sarcasm,' he said.

Dr Chua refused to go into the specifics about his perceived enemies and chose his words carefully throughout the press conference.

'I wouldn't say that this is our political culture because that would mean everybody is involved, but it's the behaviour of some leaders.'

'Those who are suspicious of me are people who gain from being suspicious of me.'

'I really don't know who my enemies are. And I'm not going to pursue this because it will never end.'

Asked if he would take a holiday to get over his exit from politics, he said:'I'm not upset. Why do I need to take a break? This is not a heart-breaking thing. Political struggle in Malaysia is not do or die like Pakistan.'

Dr Chua said he had no immediate plans for the future and had no intention of finding a job in the corporate world. He will continue to be an ordinary MCA member.

'I need to plan how to occupy my time. In politics, once you have no position, people won't remember you any more. But if people invite me to their meetings, I'll go.'

He admitted that it was 'hard to make me cry' and for that, people thought he was arrogant. But he said he was touched when some senior ministry officials cried as they bade him farewell, reported The New Straits Times.

The only time he appeared emotional was when he slammed a Chinese daily for conducting an Internet poll on whether his appearance in the sex video would jeopardise his political career.

Dr Chua also obliged photographers with a few poses of him clearing his desk.

Outside his office, senior clerk Marlyana Jalil said she had him to thank for her job.

'He is the best boss ever and I have respect for him. He was never angry and whenever I made mistakes, he was a good teacher.'

Sex video filmed in Room 1301 of 4-star Batu Pahat hotel

ROOM 1301 of Katerina Hotel in Batu Pahat is where former Malaysian Health Minister Chua Soi Lek was caught having sex with a woman friend, forcing him to quit all his political posts on Wednesday.

It is also his favourite room whenever he checked into the plush, 15-storey hotel, which has 188 rooms.

Since the video sex scandal broke after two lengthy DVDs hit the streets showing Dr Chua engaging in sexual acts with an unidentified woman, a number of people have called the hotel to book the premier suite, which costs RM800 a night.

There are nine premier suites in the hotel, which the hotel says are reserved for VIPs. Johor police have identified the woman, who is said to be in her 30s and owns two clothing stores. She has fled to China to take temporary cover from the hounding journalists since the DVDs were made public.

Dr Chua, 61, who quit on Wednesday, a day after he shocked the nation by admitting he was the man in a widely circulated sex video, said the woman is a 'personal friend.'

At a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Chua said he was caught because he made the mistake of going 'to the same hotel and the same room' for his trysts with the woman.

'If you go to a hotel, you might think that this is just any other hotel room,' he said.

'But my biggest mistake was to go to the same hotel and the same room, thinking that it would be more convenient.'

The Malaysian Association of Hotels on Thursday reminded all hotels that it is not allowed to place CCTVs in any hotel room.

'Any CCTV camera placed in a room will be intruding on the privacy of the hotel guest and is a violation of an individual's privacy,' Mr Sarjit Singh, the association executive director was quoted as saying by The Star on Friday.

'CCTVs are allowed only in public areas like the lobby and corridors.'

Woman in DVD was Angelina Yam

Health Minister Chua Soi Lek says that his co-star in the latest Barisan Nasional 'sex movie' was a personal friend, a woman he has known for a very short time. Unconfirmed reports say that in situations like this the woman can be identified as Angelina Yam, often truncated to A. Yam. This can be further shortened to just Ayam.

Bolstered by the fact that his wife Datin Seri Wong Sek Hin had faxed a statement to Bernama that she and the family would stand by him, the MCA vice-president and Labis MP said he would not be resigning over the sex DVD.

Chua has also met with Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and the DPM Najib Tun Razak. Chua became slightly disoriented when the Prime Minister asked if the woman had worked before as Chua's housekeeper. The DPM suggested that Chua learn 'silat goncang' to improve on some of his 'lipat kijang' and 'lipat tanduk' moves which evidently needed some oiling.

Both the PM and the DPM advised Chua that he be more discreet with his dalliances. They gave Chua a few pointers on how to avoid getting caught. This time C4 explosives were not discussed. The DPM promised Chua that if he became Prime Minister he would pass legislation requiring that all imports of spy cameras and CCTV equipment must have Approved Permits or APs. He promised to give Chua the monopoly over spy camera APs if Chua would solidly support him to oust the PM, just after the next elections.

The Prime Minister is not going to ask Chua to resign. The Prime Minister and the DPM hold the view that this is a very personal matter. According to Islam Hadhari, it is better to stand by something than to sit down doing nothing. If the reader finds this confusing, so does the writer.

Since Chua's wife has publicly said that she will stand by him, this also means that Chua will meet again with A. Yam, but possibly in a different hotel using a different room number. The other option for Chua will be to join Chua Jui Meng's church and seek the light to be reborn. But Chua Soi Lek has not hit that kind of rock bottom. He has plenty more wild rice to seed.
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